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Artist Statement

I'm a girl from the South who always felt reigned in. I dreamed of doing "big" things and spent years doggedly pursuing them. Then I realized it's not about that. Sometimes it's about small things... little pieces of beauty all around us. Sometimes it's so beautiful it hurts. Sometimes there's just not enough time, all the time. So I capture, freeze and collect beautiful little pieces, in an attempt to reconcile the beauty of life with its ephemerality. Through photography, the fleeting becomes indelible.

I firmly believe that beauty and art are everywhere. We’re surrounded at all times; we just have to let ourselves see it. In life and as a photographer, I’m constantly looking and observing and I’ve learned that little details can tell big stories. The big stories are those of love, spirituality, the beauty of nature, and what happens when we neglect those things. Sometimes my eye can take a darker turn, but there is still beauty in darkness. To me, ideating about a grim future reminds me to be thankful for the present and to make wise choices today.

In traditional terms, my genres may be described as still life, nature, and conceptual. But I like to blur the lines... What if plants had feelings? What stories do found objects have to impart? What can animals tell us about our own humanity?

My photographs tend to convey a mood or concept and often hint at a story. I favor a shallow depth of field which mirrors my intense focus on details in life and reflects the influence that cinema has had on me. I am inspired by so many things, from weird camera angles in film, to clever Southern idioms, to the many quirky airbnbs I manage to find myself in.


My route to fine art photography has been a long one, but I'm thrilled I got here in time. I grew up in Alabama and received a BA in Economics and French at Duke University and an MBA from Harvard University. I lived in New York and Boston while working in consumer product marketing before turning to motherhood as a vocation. I currently live in Dallas with my husband, two kids, dog, and cat. We love to travel as a family, with the goal of seeing all fifty states. Just a few more to go!

I have always had an artistic sensibility and have expressed my creativity in various ways from writing to crafting with my hands. I began focusing more on photography in 2017 and gained licensing representation with a premier book cover agency within a year. I absolutely love learning new skills and challenging myself and have done so with photographic technique and Photoshop compositing. Shooting and editing brings me great joy and I've been known to show up with a camera in the most unexpected situations.

I am a compassionate individualist doing my thing but also love any opportunity to build community and encourage others within the fine art photography space. When I'm not with camera, I enjoy my people, sunshine, grinding workouts, live music, movies, literature, and volunteering at the local animal shelter.


Select images are available for licensing through Arcangel Images. Arcangel is a premier creative stock agency serving publishers, record labels, and design agencies worldwide since 2004.

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